“You will come back soon, searching, again & again - and in time will grow within you an intimacy, a love for the jungle which offers sanctuary to fast dwindling and very precious wildlife.” – Nimo Moor

Asian Adventures Safari's fleet of vehicles are 4x4 trucks, chosen especially for their off road capabilities. The ability of our 4x4 trucks have been professionally modified to suit the terrain and climate of Sri Lanka to travel anywhere overland and have seating for 18 people, the majority of seats being inward facing, as we have found this to be more sociable. There is plenty of room to stand up and move around and the vehicles are open sided with the tarpaulin sides rolled up in all but wet weather allowing maximum visibility and enjoyment. There is also a stereo system, but feel free to bring along your own music as well.

The vehicle is fitted with comfortable, individual coach style seats with headrests. Personal storage for your belongings is underneath the seat and there is a fully lockable safe for your camera, money and important papers.

The vehicles are fully equipped with camping and cooking equipment for the entire trip including campstools and spacious canvas two-man domed tents. The tent is mosquito proof to reduce the risk of you being bitten. Asian Adventures Safari also provides sleeping mats, you just have to bring your sleeping bag.

The kitchen is well catered for with a kitchen tent; tables; fire grate; gas burners; bulk food storage; a large potable water tank; work lights and a tarpaulin for shade. The vehicle is also equipped with a camp oven to make our own fresh bread and a fridge/freezer.

The vehicle carries a good supply of spare parts for routine maintenance in case of mechanical breakdown. We also carry recovery equipment such as sand mats; picks; shovels; jacks and towing cable to get others and ourselves out of difficulties.

Due to the limited accommodation at the campsite our programmes are limited to a maximum of 15 persons.

Menu at the campsite varies from full American breakfast to buffet, BBQ or 4 courses set meals.

In our 4X4 packages accommodation at the campsite can be rough at times depending on the weather. These packages are designed and operated for the outdoor type

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