"There is something about a swift river, something thrilling about a river of any kind. The nearest upstream bend is a gate out of mystery, and the nearest downstream bend a door to further mystery"

Wallace Stegner
The Sound of Mountain Water

There can be no other type of trip that can offer at one moment a feeling of peace and calm as you drift through a secluded area borne along by nature, the next, excitement and action as you navigate through powerful rapids, experiencing one of the elemental forces of nature firsthand.

Sri Lanka has four main rivers and countless tributaries suitable for rafting and kayaking. Three of the biggest rivers are born in the heart of the peak wilderness which also gives rise to three of the highest mountains. We use 9 man Avon rafts with experienced river guides to paddle the main white water sections of these rivers. The smaller more technical, southern rivers suit the adventurous kayaker, looking for many day trips with lots of action and play waves.

Kalu Ganga & Walawe Ganga
The Kalu Ganga is a two day grade4/5 river trip. The river is born in the heart of the Sinharaja rain forest and then tumbles down a 20km gorge. The first days paddle is through magnificent jungle scenery and then ends at our river camp site close to one of the three waterfalls along the rivers route. Day two is virtually one long rapid a kayakers dream with play waves and rock slides. Subject to seasonal flows.

The Walawe Ganga is the largest of the six southern rivers, it flows through Udawalawe National Park, (which is the best park to spot herds of wild elephants). The grade two river trip combines adventure with wildlife and ends near the southern fishing town Ambalantota.

The Sitawaka River
The Sitawaka river starts its life in the Peak Wilderness. The upper grade 4-5 run takes five hours with two runable waterfalls at its lower flow rate. The flatter middle section is suitable for family groups who want a day on the river without the thrills and spills of the upper and lower sections. The lower section is grade 3/4 at its lower flow rate. Situated only one and half hours from Colombo, the lower section is an ideal day trip from Colombo. Subject to seasonal flows.

The Mighty Mahaweli River
The Mahaweli is Sri Lanka's largest river. Its rapids range from 2 - 6 along an action packed descent through the hill country to the eastern plains. The river has two dams along its route and offers controlled grade 2-5 sections as well as fluctuating grade 3-6 sections and tributaries. This river is for experienced rafters and kayakers only.

The Jungle River flows from the Sinharaja Rainforest towards Kalutara, winding its way through virgin jungle on route to the coast. We explore the river close to its jungle birth place, paddling along a flat meandering section under the shady jungle canopy. We break our journey at Hartley bungalow hidden amongst this undisturbed wilderness. It was once the home of the artist George Keyt. On longer trips we spend the night at the bungalow, before continuing downriver through dramatic jungle covered hillocks that shape the rivers course.

The river has the feel of real adventure, with no previous canoeing experience required, to enjoy the natural beauty of this trip.

The Kelani River
This high adrenaline adventure on the white water section of the Kelani river, is suitable for first time 'go for it' rafters and experts alike. During the run you will experience the thrill of shooting rapids and the euphoria of making it through. The rivers clear water is born in the heart of the peak wilderness reserve and tumbles through a rocky gorge just above Kitulgala (about 2 hrs drive from Colombo). As the river widens we pass the scenic location used for the film 'Bridge over the River Kwai' which is also a good place to jump in for a refreshing swim. Our journey ends close to Kitulgala town where food and snacks are available.

For those who would like to enjoy the river and its wonderful scenery without the thrills and spills of large rapids, we raft through the flatter section of the lower gorge. Suitable for children over six and family groups.

The Suda Ganga
The Suda Ganga or White River is a irrigation diversion of the Mahaweli river, the four hour grade 2/3 river run flows north towards Matale and the ancient cities. If you enjoy being borne along on a swift current, with plenty of photograph opportunities passing colourful river bank communities with some thrills thrown in then this is the trip for you.

Canoeing & Kayaking
Sri Lanka's wealth of rivers, swamps, lagoons and old canals are best explored by canoe, and these trips can be either leisurely or challenging and exploratory. Several rivers in the south of the island are narrow and technical enough for exciting kayaking. Or the canals and more calm rivers can be traversed in a canoe. The tranquil canals are covered with Lilly pads and the natural wilderness is home to some amazing. water birds. The still waters are suitable for all ages and life jackets are provided.

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