From the dense and steamy rain-forests in the south west to the arid grasslands in the north, holiday apartments and villas in Sri Lanka exist in destinations that provide the perfect escape from your normal routine to this tropical paradise island teeming with exotic flora and fauna unique to Sri Lanka. Holiday apartments and villas offer you an idyllic vacation opportunity at any time of year due to a climate that ranges from hot to...hotter! but renting a self catering apartment or villa in Sri Lanka between December and March gives you a taste of this fascinating country during its drier season, particularly in the south and west.

For bird-lovers, a holiday rental in Sri Lanka is the next best thing to heaven, especially during the migration, from January, when the wetlands are temporary home to thousands of birds seeking sanctuary from the winter weather of their native lands. But if you want to experience the hectic buzz of city life as well as the peaceful atmosphere of the breathtaking countryside across Sri Lanka, villas and holiday apartments in Sri Lanka's Western and Southern Provinces will let you discover a diversity of destinations with their unique blends of cosmopolitan attitudes and traditional cultures providing possibilities for the vacation rental of a lifetime in self.


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