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Given below are Asian Adventures recommendations to its valued customers

Do not drink water from the taps. Please buy bottled water.
Do not stay out in the sun for long periods of time. Do use a good strong sun-factor lotion and re-apply often. It is advisable to wear hats and to use sunglasses. The humidity creates the intense heat, which causes you to sweat unceasingly. So, drink plenty of liquids, and take a little extra salt with your food, and avoid dehydration.
Sri Lankan Tummy
If this complaint persists for longer than 24 hrs, it would be advisable to see the hotel doctor. For the first few days follow the simple code, "Take everything in moderation", until your body gets used to all aspects.
Please observe depth markings on the poolside. Please do not leave your children unattended at the pool or beach. Do not dive in the pool. Observe the shallow end. Do not swim directly after a meal or consuming alcohol.
The sea can be very appealing, but also very dangerous. Please observe flag warnings. Do not swim out of your depth, or risk the lives of others.
Being Approached
There have been many instances where beach boys and touts, who pose as friends, have cheated tourists. We strongly advise you not to associate with them for reasons of personal security. If you do, you do so at your own risk. Your tour operator cannot be responsible for any tours booked outside our organization.
Local crafts and souvenirs include batik, woodcarving, puppets / masks, leather goods, tea, spices ceramics, gems and jewellery.
It is advisable to wear cool, loose cotton clothing but remember you may need a jumper or something warmer if you are visiting the hill country.
Every full moon day is a "Poya day". On these days no alcohol will be sold in public areas. However some hotels make exceptions for hotel guests.
It is customary to tip your tour driver and guide at the end of your tour. A reasonable indication would be approximately US $ 3 per person per day.

Most nationalities including British, French, Dutch, German, Swiss, Australians, New Zealanders receive a 30-day tourist visa on entry.

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