Multi-lingual, Professional Travel Guides.
24 Hour Service - includes speedy reservation confirmations.
Customized Tour Packages.
Competitive Accommodation Rates.
Automated Reservation systems.
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) bookings.
Special Benefits & Discounts.
Car Rentals.
Baby sitting facilities.
Special Meal plans for our Arab customers – (Halal).
Travel Insurance.
All Travel Related Documentation/Processing including Visas.


Our service concept evolves from our superior buying power, in negotiating the best- suited products from the respective service providers in catering to our diverse and valued clientele.

We believe that the future is full of opportunities. We contemplate on our present while learning from our past and set a course of action for the future. We continue building a vast network of personal connections, knowledge, intelligence and know how in the travel and e- travel marketing industry in the regions that we cover.

Asian Adventures will continue to use Innovative and New Ideas in our Marketing & Service Strategies
IT dominated market in the near future … Web-based Online Booking System coming soon.
Enhance the present E-Marketing Process, and going bi-lingual in (Arabic/English).
Online electronic tracking systems to monitor all customer movements on tour with us.
Web based E-Commerce travel portal under construction.
Asian Adventures vision is to be the Leader. ‘To Be The Best' personalized in bound tour operator in the region.
The Management constantly reminds its staff of the following golden rules to remember.
Maintaining high standards of operations.
All business practices are state of the art.
Motivation towards success will be maximized.
The Agency direction and development are optimal.
Work ethics and pride will be the most important tenet instilled in the Travel Office staff.

Asian Adventures will organize periodic presentations in promoting its products well in advance, to suit the forth-coming season. Presentations and workshops will be held in different regions and markets of the world for local travel agency and travel service provider staff, community centers, mega corporate offices, residential compounds, recreation facilities and via the electronic media (e-marketing campaigns).

Asian Adventures, at present, focuses mainly on the Arab and Western Expatriate community. The future marketing strategy will be to target other ethnic groups and regions.

Providing Emergency Assistance

Asian Adventures will provide emergency assistance on a 24 hours basis with only minimal notice. We respond to national emergencies, accident investigations, evacuations, repatriations, rescue operations, civil disturbances, natural disasters, peacetime and wartime contingency. Our policy is to maintain constant contact with the appropriate overseas agent in responding effectively to the situation.

Asian Adventures has a proven emergency response plan and an emergency response team that has extensive experience in responding to local emergencies. In addition, we can extend local office hours to 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week operations by providing additional personnel and equipment whenever necessary to support customer requirements.


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